Purchase ledger management

As part of our comprehensive outsourcing service, we help clients to manage their purchase ledger function, providing regular creditor reports and completing supplier payment runs to enable them to meet suppliers’ payment terms and maintain a good record of trading.

By using our Outsourcing Team to manage your purchase ledger, you will ensure that you will always be able to pay your suppliers on time.  We take the burden away from you by using the accounting records we have maintained to produce regular creditor reports, noting items in dispute or with a trade discount available, broken down by invoice due dates.

At an agreed frequency we will prepare a suggested payment run for your approval, and then we will raise the payments on your behalf, either by cheque or online.  You are then able to approve these payments, and we will send remittances to your suppliers, along with any cheque payments.  If you prefer, we can also approve the payments (in accordance with our internal procedures), subject to third party mandates being put in place.

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