Our personal financial management services assist clients whose busy lives mean that they require a hands-on approach to their personal finances.

We are involved with everything from arranging household insurances to assisting with house purchases and personal mortgages.

We understand that time is an important commodity for many of our clients. As a result, we can provide a personal financial management function to ensure that all your personal finance matters are attended to. Amongst other things, we can help with the payment of household bills, liaise with insurers to ensure adequate cover, assist with significant purchases and advise on how to finance these. Our list of services is extensive.

We pride ourselves on providing a reliable service across all personal finance matters, and can liaise with your personal bankers to ensure you always have funds at your disposal, even if you are away on business or holiday, giving you total peace of mind.

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Sarah Donaghay
Partner, London

Key experience

Sarah has extensive experience of working with a wide range of clients and specialises in film, music and sports industries.