Peterborough team hosts Entrepreneurs dinner

Entrepreneurs Dinner in Peterborough

Alistair Hunt and Gareth Norris, Partners from Saffery office in Peterborough, hosted a joint Entrepreneurs’ dinner with Steve Brown from Barclays.

At this event David Ball spoke about his experience taking the family business through private equity and his journey with Bridge Farm Group.

The talk was truly insightful. The event attendees heard about the stresses and pressures of dealing with the growth which he initially did with very little support or previous experience. David went on to share his experience of working with private equity investors and the support and mentoring he was able to obtain from contacts he made, as well as the challenges of doing this at a relatively young age. Entrepreneurs learned from David about his experience of running a successful business and what he would have done differently.

Attendees were entrepreneurs from across a range of sectors in the region, including food & drink, agribusiness, and manufacturing.

Fantastic evening and wonderful group of people. Thanks to the Haycock Manor Hotel for a great venue and meal.