Navigating a digital wealth journey is far from an easy route, but an experienced trustee can help the path become clearer.

In their six-article “Crypto Trustees” series, Guernsey’s Nicky Kendall and Rory Jones demystify the role our Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency teams play in supporting high-net-worth crypto clients.


Find out how our experienced teams work in partnership with specialist custodians to protect our clients most valuable crypto assets – their keys.

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Risk mitigation

Cryptocurrency is extremely volatile and considered a high-risk investment. This article explores our role in mitigating risk for crypto clients.

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Your needs

Every crypto client is different, so their wealth structures should be too. Nicky and Rory delve into how Saffery Trust’s unique independent structure allows us to tailor our services for each client

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Personal experience

All our Digital Asset team members are personal investors in crypto. In this article, Nicky and Rory share their insights into the world of crypto and explain how their personal experience benefits out clients.

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When it comes to supporting clients with digital assets and cryptocurrency, trust is fundamental. This article explores the questions clients, or their advisors, should be asking when choosing a trustee.

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While investing in crypto becomes easier, using your digital wealth in the traditional finance world poses multiple challenges. In this article, Nicky and Rory explain Saffery Trust’s role in connecting the crypto and traditional worlds to enable clients to utilise their digital wealth.

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