Crypto Trustees: Your Needs

26 May 2023

As a cryptocurrency investor, you will likely have spent countless hours successfully navigating the notoriously complex and volatile crypto market. Whether you want to keep your assets within the digital sphere or want to transfer them to traditional assets (“fiat”) – such as cash or property – we tailor our services to meet your needs.

Although many cryptocurrency clients are young entrepreneurs who may not have prior experience of working with a trustee, there is a misconception that all clients fall within that bracket. Our cryptocurrency clients span across a diverse range of investors, from crypto natives and founders to experienced investors with existing structures looking to diversify their portfolios.

Not all clients will be looking for structuring for their personal assets. Your objective may be to develop a community and ecosystem for your protocol, while benefitting from the advantages of working in partnership with a responsible financial service provider. Our well-established and regulated offices in the Cayman Islands, Guernsey and Switzerland can provide an extra level of comfort to intermediaries when engaging with the traditional world, connecting to the regulatory environment and facilitating good governance with international regulations and compliance.

By understanding your digital wealth journey so far and objectives for the future, we can ensure the right structures are created for the desired outcomes. It is important for you to know that, not only will you be listened to, but that you will be understood.

Our distinctive, independent structure allows us the freedom to create bespoke wealth structuring solutions for our clients. While some service providers may be working to fit digital wealth clients into their existing services, we are leaders in fitting our services around the needs of clients.

For over forty years, client service excellence has underpinned all we do. We know that every individual and family’s wealth journey is unique and clients with digital assets are no exception.

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WATCH: Our Crypto Catch-up video series explores the role of a trustee and how their services can play a role in protecting digital assets, and potential barriers that can have an impact on investors.

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