Charities and not-for-profit organisations face a significant tax burden, but there are many opportunities to reduce that burden. We have an enviable track record in improving organisations’ tax positions through the provision of innovative but practical advice.

Our clients expect us to assist them in reducing the tax burden they face and we do this through our detailed knowledge of our clients and the tax environment within which they operate. We are able to provide detailed and proactive advice in relation to:

Our expertise

Our tax team is proactive in helping charities minimise their tax burden through advice on how best to structure the organisation and projects.

Our VAT team has helped to open up exciting opportunities for charities and other not-for-profit organisations to reclaim significant amounts of VAT from the past and to improve their VAT recovery in the future. Numerous multi-million pound windfalls for the sector have been achieved through an understanding of where irrecoverable VAT arises so that simple yet effective VAT saving procedures can be pioneered and implemented.

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Alison Hone

Partner, London

Key experience
Alison is head of the firm’s VAT services for our charity and not-for-profit clients. Working closely with colleagues in our...