Responsible Business team in Peterborough

Responsible business team in Peterborough

The firm’s Responsible Business team hosted an in-person session in our Peterborough office.

This session enabled the team to gather important local data from Peterborough team shape our strategy and raise awareness of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and how we might be able to help make an impact on them; as both individuals and as collective of Saffery.

A very good reason to get (almost) everyone in the Peterborough office together!

Here is some feedback following the responsible business session:

“The session did a great job in setting the scene regarding responsible business, detailing where we currently are, where we want to get to, and importantly how we are going to get there together. It’s great that this project is being undertaken so collaboratively, and clear we’re taking responsible business seriously.” Joe Bowden, Manager

“It is great to see the firm taking responsible business seriously and looking to make a positive impact to our people, communities and the environment.  What makes me really proud is how much our team cares and the enthusiasm they bring to this topic.  Whilst there is clear progress to be made, this gives me hope that we can make a real difference over time.” Ross Lomas, Partner

“The session was very informative and made me really think about how we do business, the decisions and choices we make, as well as the small things we can all do to be more responsible both as individuals and as a business.  As a partner of the business, it also made me recognise the impact that my decisions have on the wider team from a responsible business perspective.” Gareth Norris, Partner

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