Do you need a family office?

A family office is a formal arrangement that involves a high-net-worth family being supported with a range of services, including legal, tax, accounting and concierge support.

Whether or not you need a family office depends entirely on your financial, investment, and personal needs.

In this episode, Leonora and Mike are joined by Alexandra Britton-Davis, a fellow partner at Saffery.

As well as outlining how they’d interact with a family office as external advisers, they answer key questions, including:

  • What is a family office and what services do they provide?
  • Do you need a family office?
  • What are the advantages of having one?
  • How do you set one up?

For further insight from Alexandra, read her latest article: What is a family office?

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Leonora Stevens
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Leonora’s background is in providing tax advice and compliance to high net worth individuals, wealthy families and partnerships.