Andy Russell

Associate Director, Guernsey



I am a firm believer that the best service is the one you don’t have to ask for. This philosophy is something I value as a customer, and so is something I strive to deliver to our clients. While you can never predict everything, I work to pre-empt our client’s needs and keep abreast of opportunities and challenges.

In a career spanning over thirty years, I have lived experience of, what can be an extremely competitive industry. After my time in the trenches, I moved abroad with my family for a change of pace. Upon returning to the island, I had the benefit of being able to choose a business with an ethos I believed in. Saffery Trust fit the bill and represents the perfect balance of being big enough to cope and small enough to care.

I value trust very highly and deliver an honest, open service to our clients. I am proud that Saffery Trust has the strength to step up to the plate and go to bat for our clients when things get difficult. I, and we, are not scared of doing the difficult thing where it is the right thing to do, which is reflected in our client service.


I head up a team which administers a small group of ultra-high-net-worth clients. As an associate director, I am placed at the neck of the hourglass at a pivotal intermediary point between the Board and my team.

Our team is solution focused and I enjoy being able to stretch my thought process to adapt to and solve the unique challenges we are faced with.

As a manager, it is a joy to give opportunities to my team and see them progress and deliver the very best service to our clients.

Key experience

  • Dealing with complex multi-jurisdictional trust and company structures for wealth preservation and asset protection.
  • Non-standard investments such as aircraft, yachts and digital assets.
  • Commercial and residential real estate development and planning in North America.
  • Regulatory compliance matters.