Charities have specific tax and VAT issues relating to their trading activities, and very often require specialist advice on structures to optimise tax efficiency and VAT issues.

Charitable status for a landed estate offers a number of significant tax advantages. They can, unlike individuals and non-charitable trustees, be exempt from both income tax and capital gains tax, as well as benefiting from valuable inheritance tax reliefs.

In addition, they will have access to grants and other fundraising. However, charities require regulatory approval and have particular on-going regulatory and other compliance requirements.

By linking our not-for-profit expertise with our knowledge of landed estates, heritage property, historic house opening businesses and tax-efficient giving for high net worth individuals, we are extremely well placed to help you in all these areas.

Services to charities and not-for-profit organisations

Charitable trustees and their teams appreciate that there are particular issues they have to address to ensure they remain regulation compliant. Our Not-or-Profit Team can help. We are regularly asked to provide advice in areas including:

  • Minimising the impact of VAT on charity funds
  • Appropriate structuring of trading activities to avoid tax burdens on trading profits
  • Trustee’ duties and responsibilities

We have unrivalled experience in advising clients on the continuing benefits versus drawbacks of charity structures. We can provide a robust audit or independent examiner service that gives comfort to trustees that a charity’s affairs are being properly managed.

Trusts are a very specialist area, even more so those with charitable status. We have dedicated specialists available to help trustees meet their obligations and ensure their charity receives the maximum benefits available.

Our specialist Not-for-Profit Group advises a wide range of charities, large and small. For more information on how we can help your charity, please contact one of our specialist not-for-profit partners.

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Sally Appleton
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A member of the Landed Estates Practice, Sally acts for landed estates, advising on strategic matters and tax planning.