We are able recommend the use of various combinations of financial structures for our clients, in response to their circumstances and objectives.

Each case is unique, but when advising on the formation of trusts and holding structure considerations may include the following:

  • The use of overseas holding structures can negate potential forced heirship provisions, which dictate how an individual’s estate is allocated on their death.
  • Estate-planning opportunities may exist for clients who wish to provide for succeeding generations, but who may have concerns regarding the availability of capital to individuals at an early stage in their lives.
  • Trusts can provide a flexible and discreet means of providing for first or second families following divorce or remarriage.
  • Clients resident in politically unstable countries will often use jurisdictions such as Guernsey or Switzerland as a safe and secure location in which to shelter their wealth.
  • Overseas trusts and companies are frequently used for the purposes of holding specific assets such as second homes, yachts, investment portfolios or private company shares.
  • Tax planning opportunities may exist for both UK and International clients.

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