Pleased to meet you

Rachel Bromiley

I’m Rachel, an Assistant Manager in Tax in Manchester

The tax team is relatively small and it’s nice to be part of a closely knit core team, but I also get the opportunity to work with lots of people whether that’s clients, other teams in Manchester or members of tax teams in other offices.

Even though I’ve now become more specialised, I still find there is a lot of variety in my role, both due to the advisory element and the wide variety of clients at Saffery.

At Saffery, the partners want everyone to enjoy their roles and reach their full potential, so if there’s a specific area you’d like to get more experience in, this can be raised with them and they’ll try to make it happen.

Harry Kendall

I’m Harry, a Manager in Accounts and Audit in Edinburgh

In October 2021 I transferred from the London Business Advisory Group (BAG) back to Edinburgh where I studied. I am now a manager in Edinburgh BAG focusing primarily on audits of corporate entities, those in the not-for-profit sector and landed estates – quite a variety!

In this role I’m responsible for the delivery of audits within my portfolio, and the development of the wider team on each assignment. It’s a very rewarding role which has provided me with a variety of experiences and exposure to individuals that I never thought would be possible.

Saffery has a modern outlook and approach where partners support you in your own ambitions and ensure conditions are in place for you to flourish and develop. Saffery as a firm, and my colleagues within, are incredibly supportive and help each other to deliver to the best of our abilities.

I’m Chloe, a Senior Manager in Audit in Bournemouth

The career pathway is flexible as additional responsibilities are granted on merit. I started as an Audit Junior but am now an Audit Manager. My role has evolved from assisting on small audit assignments to being responsible for a portfolio of clients, building relationships and overseeing both their compliance work and assisting with specialist advice throughout the year.

As a member of the audit management team, I also oversee the trainees and seniors which is a key part of my role that I really enjoy; making sure that they feel supported and helping them to develop their own careers at Saffery, drawing from my own experience.

Everyone is very approachable and friendly, and this is a key part of the Saffery culture. There’s a great work-life balance which is essential, especially once you throw studying into the mix. 

Jemima Scrivens

I’m Jemima, Trainee Chartered Accountant in London

Following beginning as an entry-level trainee, the potential for growth at Saffery is fantastic. As I progress through my exams, I can’t wait to be exposed to greater areas of the business, widening my portfolio, and moving up in the firm. Don’t get me wrong, the ACA is tough, but it opens so many doors to the future!

Saffery prides itself on our core values. So, no matter your background, if you possess integrity, collegiality, and a lot of enthusiasm you’ll be an asset to any team. As a trainee you’ll very quickly learn the need to balance excellent client service, studying towards the ACA and having a personal life. However, if you’re resilient and willing to work hard, Saffery gives you the best opportunity to succeed.

Dominic Tuffy

I’m Dominic, a Trainee Chartered Accountant in London

My career at Saffery began during my degree placement year when I worked in the firm’s Outsourcing Team, gaining excellent experience working with high profile clients in the sports, music, and film industries. I saw first-hand the fantastic career development and training opportunities that Saffery offers its staff and decided to apply for their graduate programme.

As a trainee, you’re a key part of the audit team, given real responsibility to complete the bulk of the fieldwork both in the office and at client premises.

Nihal Uddin

I’m Nihal, a Trainee Chartered Accountant working in Audit in High Wycombe

The High Wycombe Team is extremely supportive and you can definitely say there’s a ‘work family’ atmosphere in the office. We often plan month-end socials and office meals, which everyone looks forward to, and successes within the team are always celebrated. We also have an office football team, which is part of a local league and, win or lose, is often the talk of the office. This has brought the people that play together a lot closer to one another, something which I feel is key in the workplace.

There’s also an excellent support system in place for my studies, allowing me to have time off to focus on my exams, and in turn enabling me to use what I have learnt in my day-to-day work, subsequently helping me to provide better client service.

Overall, my time with the firm has been nothing like I would have expected my first corporate role to be. It has surpassed my expectations and I look forward to contributing to the growth of the office and the firm.