“Upholding values is non-negotiable”

The employment market is changing. Traditional metrics for job seekers, such as salary and security, are being increasingly supplemented by an emphasis on values and purpose.

A recent study by Deloitte highlighted that nearly 90% of Gen Z (born 1997-2012) and Millennial (born 1981-1996) employees emphasise the importance of working for companies that align with their individual values, and are willing to reject offers from organisations that don’t. Concerns surrounding climate change and financial instability, coupled with increasing social consciousness are driving the NextGen workforce to make values-driven employment decisions.

Saffery Trust Cayman Trust Officer, Alice Kay – who is also a member of the STEP Cayman NextGen Committee – said upholding values is “non-negotiable”.

“Values are crucial; they shape my decisions, actions, and interactions in the workplace. Ensuring my personal values align with those of the company I work for is important for me to feel content and motivated in my role,” said Alice.

“If I were faced with a situation where my employer or a work task directly conflicted with my values, I would take a stand. Upholding values is non-negotiable. Compromising my values would lead me to feel dissatisfied and conflicted internally. I believe in staying true to my principles, even if it means making difficult decisions, and would be prepared to face the consequences of this if an issue arose.”

The Saffery Trust core values – integrity, enthusiasm, excellence, and collegiality – underpin both client service and the organisation’s employee value proposition. Saffery Trust Guernsey Assistant Manager Lily Simmons said the core values were a contributing factor to it’s 95% staff retention rate.

“Enthusiasm and excellence are not only values for Saffery Trust but also values that I hold in my personal life, and I think it’s why Saffery Trust retains staff, particularly NextGens. The culture at Saffery Trust is built around its values, allows for individuality, and enables NextGens to have a voice regardless of often starting out in, or holding, junior positions,” said Lily.

“All our directors promote the values, are friendly and accessible to the NextGens, which was a fantastic surprise when I joined as it sets Saffery Trust apart from others. The culture at Saffery Trust is a key factor in why I, and many of my colleagues, have not felt the need to move firms which is usually common among NextGens.”

Saffery Trust Geneva Trust Administrator Ned Sibley agreed that the culture within the firm was appealing to him as a NextGen:

“I have found Saffery Trust promotes a great attitude in encouraging and supporting self-development, for example supporting me with the STEP qualification I am currently undertaking. Investing in your staff is a very important value and is beneficial to both the employee and employer. I read a quote recently which reflects this perfectly: A Chief Financial Officers asks a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) “What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave?”. And the CEO replies “What happens if we don’t, and they stay?”.

Lily and Alice agreed that values are fundamental to a collaborative and supportive workplace.

Alice said: “When people within an organisation share common values and actively uphold them, it nurtures trust, respect, and mutual understanding among colleagues. It really shapes the whole culture of the workplace. A values-driven workplace enhances employee satisfaction and engagement but also contributes to the overall success and sustainability of the organisation. I’m sure there are many organisations that have lost great staff members because their values were not being considered.”

Lily added: “Workplace values ensure that we are all striving for a common goal and are agreeable on what is important. Values create the culture which is an important selling point for prospective next-gen employees and clients. I think it is safe to say that the employees of Saffery Trust sing from the same hymn sheet in ensuring the workplace values are met and that no one is ever made to feel uncomfortable.”

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