Two Saffery Trust professionals recognised by STEP Guernsey

19 Jun 2023

Two Saffery Trust professionals have been recognised for their achievements by STEP Guernsey.

Associate Director, Matthew Gilligan, has been appointed as Deputy Chair of the STEP Committee, and Senior Officer, Lily Simmons, was named as the Highest Scoring Individual in Guernsey for the STEP Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Private Wealth Advice.

Matthew, who also holds the position of Student Liaison Officer for STEP Guernsey, has been involved with the committee for 14 years. In his role as Deputy Chair, Matthew will have multiple responsibilities in his remit, including overseeing the development of the industry’s next generation.

Matthew said: “At STEP, everything we do is focused on education and the growth of the industry. My role as Student Liaison Officer has been invaluable in understanding the needs of students and supporting them in achieving their academic and professional goals.

“I have always looked up to the individuals in the Chair and Deputy Chair positions on the committee, who have each influenced positive change not only for STEP Guernsey but also for STEP Worldwide. It is an honour to have been appointed to the role of Deputy Chair and I hope to follow in the footsteps of my predecessors and play a role in the industry continuing to be accessible, inclusive, and innovative.”

Matthew described Lily as “incredibly driven” and said that she was an excellent role model for the industry’s next generation.

After completing her STEP diploma, which is where most trust professionals complete their studies, Lily decided to continue on and take the Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Private Wealth Advice, where upon completion was named as a ‘High Scoring Individual’, receiving a STEP digital accolade. To further her learning, Lily is now undertaking her Master’s degree in Law and Private Wealth Advice.

Lily said: “I am ambitious, self-motivated, and always want to achieve the best I can but was not expecting to be named the Highest Scoring Individual. I was thrilled when I found out because it is recognition of all my hard work and commitment.”

Both Lily and Matthew said that Saffery Trust had played an important role in Lily’s studies.

“Saffery Trust has been great, and I have been supported through all my studies. An important part of my learning was applying masterclass topics to industry, which I was able to do thanks to the variety of work we undertake and learning from the skills and experience of the team around me.”

Managing Director, Nick Batiste, said:

“At Saffery Trust we are incredibly proud of the accomplishments of our team and are happy to support them in undertaking professional qualifications. Matthew’s appointment to Deputy Chair and Lily’s achievement of Highest Scoring Individual are both well-deserved; they are a credit to themselves, to Saffery Trust and to STEP.”