Private wealth

For over 160 years our firm has specialised in advising some of the UK’s wealthiest individuals helping them protect, maintain and enhance their private wealth in the most commercial, tax efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Our Private Wealth Group, led by James Hender, is recognised in the market for their expertise in advising private clients. We provide a personal partner-led service, concentrating on personal and business finances. This deliberate focus is our strength; we do not try to be all things to all people. Instead we choose to specialise in looking after private clients, where we have real in-depth expertise and experience.

Clients use us for a wide variety of services: advising on different types of trusts, accounting legislation, asset protection or estate planning; or the tax-efficient structuring of their affairs. We have considerable experience in advising on international and cross-border issues. We use our diverse commercial experience to advise on the issues facing high net worth individuals today, such as the financing of business interests, maintenance, and passing on of wealth and the tax efficient streamlining of their affairs.


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