We advise wealthy individuals on the issues that affect them, including, financing of new business interests, maintaining and passing on wealth, and tax efficient streamlining of their affairs.

With constant changes in accounting and tax legislation, our clients are kept informed of any changes that concern them. In addition to the pitfalls caused by complex tax legislation, HM Revenue & Customs is becoming more stringent in pursuing aggressive tax avoidance, and so the need for specialist advice for high-net-worth individuals is essential.

How our experts can help you

We offer a partner-led service that ensures we get to know our clients and fully understand their financial affairs. We work closely with them and their other advisers to provide a fully integrated personal service.

Our services include:

  • Tax efficient planning, including income and capital taxes.
  • Inheritance tax planning.
  • Advice on the use of trusts or Family Investments Companies.
  • Structuring of business ownership.
  • Profit extraction from family businesses.
  • Advice on ownership of property, including the family home.
  • Dealing with tax enquiries.
  • Dealing with reporting requirements with HM Revenue & Customs.
  • Annual accounts and tax compliance.

Please contact our expert team to discuss a specific issue or to find out more about the services we offer to private wealth clients.

Contact Us

Mike Hodges
Partner, Manchester

Key experience

Mike is a tax partner with extensive experience advising wealthy individuals and entrepreneurs on tax planning and wider financial matters.