Our Property Group operates in all areas of residential and commercial property, and possesses particular expertise in handling the accounting, tax and financial affairs of private wealth, property groups, property investment funds, and advises on the application, implementation and ongoing use of all types of property-owning structures.

We recognise that businesses and investors are seldom unaffected by developments in property markets and that, as an integral part of worldwide economies, it is a sector that rarely stays the same for long: changes in demand, confidence and perception, as well as legislation, can all impact on project time scales and affect eventual outcomes.

Against this backdrop, Saffery Champness offers a specialist team of practitioners with considerable expertise in the tax-efficient planning of projects and investments in the property sector.

We are experienced at assisting with the financing of transactions in the most commercial and tax effective manner, with clients ranging from large retail funds through to smaller syndicates setting up commercial property funds or investment companies for the first time.

Whether these assets are purchased for residential reasons or as part of an investment strategy, we are able to assist with planning and structuring your property purchase to maximise the value of your investment.

We can also advise on the use of property-owning funds or other holding vehicles most appropriate for your investment objectives, expectations and strategies.

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