Liz Brierley

Consultant, Bournemouth

Liz Brierley

Liz specialises in advising landowners, rural and agricultural businesses, private clients and commercial owner-managed businesses.

She has considerable experience of supporting family businesses to enable them to develop and grow, while at the same time dealing with complex succession issues. This mixed portfolio demands a combination of a high level of trust and taxation knowledge, as well as key commercial and accounting skills.

Her client base is predominantly in the South of England and her larger clients are the owners and trustees of large estates and family businesses. The key to this type of work is confidentiality, professionalism and commercial acumen. The challenges that these businesses face have increased in recent years due to the complexity of taxation changes and so the involvement of a professional who can give advice to encompass all of the issues is vital if they are to continue to thrive.

Key experience

  • Restructuring family businesses to maximise the availability of Inheritance Tax reliefs,
  • Efficient structuring of Estate, including business structures, office teams and resources,
  • Setting up Heritage Maintenance funds and associated work on conditionally exemption assets,
  • Intergenerational transfer of wealth, dealing with taxation and asset protection,
  • Dealing with and helping to resolve complex family disputes,
  • Negotiating the settlement of complex probate with HMRC, involving mixed-use, business, non-business and agricultural assets,
  • Tax planning work to minimise Capital Gains Tax and inheritance tax exposure on land with development potential.


Liz lives in Somerset, she is married and both her and her husband enjoy the country life and are currently setting up a very small livestock venture. Before becoming an accountant she was an archaeologist and retains a fascination for history and pre-history.