We understand the importance of meeting compliance deadlines and of reducing effective tax rates by taking advantage of all available statutory reliefs.

We can assist you with your UK corporation tax compliance obligations, including:

  • Preparing disclosures and calculating tax provisions for UK GAAP and IFRS accounts.
  • Calculation of quarterly instalment payments.
  • Preparing corporation tax returns.
  • IXBRL tagging of accounts and tax returns in preparation for online filing.

We can also advise you on UK corporation tax matters such as:

  • Capital allowances claims.
  • Research and development tax credits.
  • Tax efficient profit extraction.
  • Taxation of intangible assets and the new Patent Box.

Where you have overseas subsidiaries or branches in other countries, we work closely with our Nexia affiliate firms to ensure that your overseas corporate tax issues are also properly and efficiently dealt with.

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Suzanna Ingham
Director, Manchester

Key experience

Suzanna is a director in the Manchester tax team.