Many of our private clients have international tax issues – they may be resident but not domiciled in the UK, arriving in or leaving the UK, or be UK residents with overseas investments or businesses.

We advise many non-domiciled individuals on appropriate structures for holding their personal and business assets. These frequently involve offshore trusts or companies to facilitate succession planning and take advantage of the remittance basis for non-UK income and gains.

We can advise you on such structures for holding business and personal assets, and on the tax consequences of remittances to the UK. In many cases, relief is available for remittances used to invest in UK businesses, and we can advise you on the conditions for obtaining this relief.

If you are arriving in or leaving the UK, we can advise you on whether you will be resident in the UK for tax purposes. Your UK tax position could be improved by undertaking restructuring before coming to the UK.

We work closely with overseas tax advisers (often affiliates from the Nexia network) and lawyers to ensure that you receive the best overseas tax advice, and that overseas tax returns are properly filed.

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Clare Cromwell
Partner, London

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Clare advises individuals, trustees and beneficiaries in relation to tax, succession and estate planning.