An update on the Taylor Review of modern working practices

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On 7 February the government published its much anticipated follow-up to Good Work, Matthew Taylor’s review of modern working practices.

A summary of the key points can be found in our taxation briefing.

The majority of the recommendations and action points relate to employment law rather than tax matters, such as:

  • Greater clarity on when a worker is an employee, including possible legislative tests
  • Raising awareness and encouraging take up of rights available
  • Measure to improve enforcement of those rights, including increasing tribunal fines and naming and shaming employers
  • Changes to agency worker provisions including clarity on who is paying the worker and deductions from pay.

These changes are subject to consultation, broken down into four topics: Employment status (closing 1 June 2018), Increasing transparency in the labour market (closing 23 May 2018), Enforcement of employment rights recommendations (closing 16 May 2018) and Agency worker recommendations (closing 9 May 2018).

Please contact us if you wish to participate in the consultation process.